Authorized person
Authorized person
1000 mlt Water Samples Bottle
24 Hours Container with Screw Cap and Spout
250 mlt Water Samples Bottle
500 mlt Water Samples Bottle
MOSLAB Autopsy Box
Embedding Casettes
Urine Container Bed 1 L
Slide Mailer 2 Slides
Slide mailer 5 slides
Specimen Container 5000 mL
Specimen Container 25 mL
Specimen Container 100 mL
Specimen Container 250 mL
Specimen Container 500 mL
Specimen Container 2 L
Specimen Container 3 L
Sharps Container 0.2 L
Sharps Container 0.5 L
Sharps Container 0.7 L
Sharps Container 1 L
Sharps Container 5 Lt
Sharps Container 10 L
Sharps Container 27 L
Bedpan - Stool container with cover
24 Hours Container With Screw Cap And Spout
24 Hours Container with Screw Cap and Spout
25 – 30 ML Surgical Specimens Container
25 ML – 50 ML Stool Container With Spoon
100 ML Urinal Glass Sterile
500 ML Sample Bottle
ARB Staining Kit (Ziehl Neelsen)
Block Archive Cabinet
Embedding Casettes
Finger Splint
Giemsa Solution
Gram Staining Kit
Harris Hematoxylene
L Stick
May Grunwald
MOSLAB Autopsy Box
Mounting Medium
Orange G
Paraffin Physiotheraphy 56-58° C
Pasteur Pipette
Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS)
Petri Box
Slide Filing Cabinet
Slide Staining Rack Stainless Steel
Smear Brush
Staining Cup (Glass)
Stainless Stell Basemoulds
Steel Cassette Cover
Stool Container Bed
Tissue Cassette Cap
Urine Vacuum Cups